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This interactive DHS Web feature provides citizens with tools to compare Minnesota counties on measures related to the well-being of children and families, get county profiles on these measures, and view various demographic and economic indicators.
Here’s how it works. Three different types of customized reports can be generated. These reports focus on 12 performance measures related to adoption, child protection, foster care, child support, family assistance and food support, plus various social and economic factors. The types of reports that can be created are:
Graphs: See how a performance measure has changed over time and compare the trends in as many as four counties. Begin creating a graph report here.
Profiles: Get detailed information about a single county, including all 12 performance measures and a number of demographic and economic indicators. Begin creating a profile report here.
Rankings: See how Minnesota counties of similar population size rank on a performance measure. Begin creating a ranking report here.
State and county policy-makers use this information to develop programs, track progress against goals and monitor various trends. It is provided here for citizens who are interested in learning more about their communities.